• Welcome to Susie Designs

    My name is Susan and I own Susie Designs. I started designing tees and other items for myself as a hobby a few years ago. I have always loved crafting as a young child and my passion for it grew. It was a fun creative outlet for me to express myself. Overtime I started having people ask me where I got my shirt or tumbler, and it was always so exciting to be able to tell them that I made this. I created this item. It made me so proud when I had people start asking me to make things for them as well. So three years ago, Shop Susie Studio was born into a business. I’ve grown over the last couple of years by word of mouth and I’ve been branching out ever since. I offer custom personalized products, charitable sales events, as well as in home/online parties that give my customers free products and discounts. At Shop Susie Studio, my customer base is my number one priority. I love what I do because I get to personally see how my items make others feel. I strive to provide the best items for my customers, give the best customer service, and build lasting relationships with my community. I hope you love what you find here.

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